Creative Building Concepts - Kitchen Remodel Sometimes you love where you live, but you just want to create a fresh look, clean up a tired space, or create new boundaries.  Renovation embodies the spirit of improvement and change.  Our craftsmen know that there are unique challenges in every remodel and they’re prepared to handle any contingency so you can have the change you’re looking for.  Common remodeling projects that we’ve taken on include bathroom overhauls, complete kitchen renovation, room addition, second story additions, or basement finishing.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.  If you can’t imagine what the finished product might look like we can help with that too.

In one recent remodeling project, our customer bought a beautiful older home that was in relative disrepair.  We fixed up some of the structural and behind the scenes issues (sealed up the attic, replaced the gutters, and repaired a window and entryway that were rotting out) and then worked on updating the kitchen and the two bathrooms in order to make the space as new.  The final product retained the charm of the original structure but gave a much needed facelift!  See pictures of this finished project in our gallery.