If you can imagine it, it can be done!  Whether you’ve got a new construction project or renovations you’d like to make, design is always the first challenge.  How are you going to turn your vision into a reality?  This is one of our favorite parts of the building process – we love to devise an approach that will make your project even better than you pictured it.

To start our design process we consider your end goals: more space, open areas, additional plumbing/electric, aesthetics, etc.  Then we explore all possible challenges: structural issues, cost barriers, and regulatory requirements.  From there, we start to flesh out the best solutions.  Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve your aims without sacrificing quality or cost effectiveness.

In one recent remodeling project, our customer’s must important goal was additional space for their kitchen and dining areas.  They wanted to make room for their three kids, renovate the old kitchen design, and create a pleasing space for lots of entertaining.  We added to their vision by considering entryways and traffic flows to make the spaces more usable once completed.  We also managed the remodel in order to keep the existing kitchen and home space untouched until the last week of renovation in order not to disrupt the schedules for the three young children.  We finished on time, under budget, and with results that exceeded the customer’s original expectations.  See pictures of this finished project in our gallery.