Creative Building Concepts Roofing

If you can imagine it, we can make it reality!  Whether you’ve got a new construction project or renovations you’d like to make, design is always the first challenge.  How are you going to turn your vision into a reality?  This is one of our favorite parts of the building process – we love to create a unique approach that will make your project even better than you pictured it.

Our three step design process will help guide you through the journey:

  1. We consider your end goals: more space, open areas, additional plumbing and electric, aesthetics, and much more.
  2. We explore all possible challenges: structural issues, cost barriers, and regulatory requirements.
  3. We dig down and flesh out the best solutions.  Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve your aims without sacrificing quality or cost effectiveness.

In one recent remodeling project, our customer’s must important goal was additional space for their kitchen and dining areas.  They wanted to make room for their three kids, renovate the old kitchen design, and create a pleasing space for lots of entertaining.  We added to their vision by considering entryways and traffic flows to make the spaces more usable once completed.  We also managed the remodel in order to keep the existing kitchen and home space untouched until the last week of renovation in order not to disrupt the schedules for the three young children.  We finished on time, under budget, and with results that exceeded the customer’s original expectations.  That is a win-win.


Sometimes you love where you live, but you just want to create a fresh look, clean up a tired space, or create new boundaries.  Renovation embodies the spirit of improvement and change.  Our craftsmen know that there are unique challenges in every remodel and they’re prepared to handle any contingency so you can have the change you’re looking for.  Common remodeling projects that we’ve taken on include bathroom overhauls, complete kitchen renovation, room addition, second story additions, or basement finishing.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.  If you can’t imagine what the finished product might look like we can help with that too.

In one recent remodeling project, our customer bought a beautiful older home that was in relative disrepair.  We fixed up some of the structural and behind the scenes issues (sealed up the attic, replaced the gutters, and repaired a window and entryway that were rotting out) and then worked on updating the kitchen and the two bathrooms in order to make the space as new.  The final product retained the charm of the original structure but gave a much needed facelift!

Roofing and Exterior Repair

Often, weather events create damage that needs immediate attention.  Or perhaps age has created necessity for repair.  Either way, our team can make your project  a priority so you can sleep soundly again.  If your job requires an estimate for insurance purposes, we can provide assessment of damages and a timely itemized estimate for submission to your insurance company.

Our roofing team offers repair of underlying structural elements, shingle roofing, rubber roofing, and standing seam metal roofing.  In addition to roof repair and replacement, our tradesmen can replace siding, apply stone veneer, repoint masonry, and design and build decks or patios.  If you can dream it, we can make it reality!
After a recent hail storm that caused substantial damage in Central PA, we completed several roof repair and replacement projects.  On one job, after completing an estimate for the insurance company, we transitioned from a standard shingle roof to a long lasting, gorgeous metal roofing with little added cost.

Handyman Services

Sometimes you just need a handful of projects taken care of and you simply don’t have the time, knowledge or tools to take care of them.  Our handy men are the solution to your problem.  Need new cabinets installed?  Have an electrical issue that needs to be repaired?  Wishing for some drywall repair?  Prepare your punch list and we’ll give you an estimate on the number of hours required to complete the tasks included.  For one handyman customer, we designed and installed shelving in a garage, fixed a broken toilet, repaired a cabinet where a dog had chewed, and installed some dimmer switches for the dining room lights.  For another handyman customer, we installed door and baseboard trim, patched a roof hole and replaced some gutters, installed new vanities in the bathrooms and repaired some drywall problems.